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Turn scrap metal into cash at Auckland's professional scrap metal dealers.

For Tradesman and Household items We offer the very best prices and service. With years of experiance in the trade, we can advise you what your scrap is worth and how much you should expect to be getting for it over the phone, we pay for everything that is made from metal. 

At Avondale Scrap Metals Ltd, we provide you with a complete scrap metal recycle service, including: Free quote, bin hir,  immediate payment , swift service We pay the best money for your scrap metal We don't pick up washing machines or dryers Payment is based on the weight of recyclable metal and will be confirmed once your scrap has been sorted and accurately weighed.

Minimum quantities apply for pick up and bin hire. You can bring your scrap metal directly to our yard for immediate payment. Please give us a call to discuss your requirements. About us The professional team at Avondale Scrap Metals Ltd is always happy to help. If you're unsure whether your scrap metal is recyclable, please give us a call.

We are experts in recyclable metal and will be able to tell you over the phone. We are reliable and will always arrive at the agreed time. Our team is committed to ultimate safety and professional service. With us, your scrap metal will be sorted and processed to then be melted down to be used once again.

You can trust Avondale Scrap Metals Ltd in Auckland to accurately assess the value of your scrap metal and pay you what it is worth. Don't let your scrap metal sit there geting in the way, turn it into cash!



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