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You'll feel good about doing business with Avondale Scrap Metals Ltd. We are always friendly and helpful. We make things easy for you. We pay the very best prices for your scrap metal, and we pay for every kg you bring in on our fully certified and accurate weighing scales.

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Bin hire

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Avondale Scrap Metals Ltd can provide you with bins to collect your recyclable metal. Bin hire can make light work of scrap metal for industrial sites, building sites. In addition you will be saving on costs and resources, and making money from your scrap. Our bins come in a variety of sizes, from large to very large to suit your needs. We promise to deliver and remove bins in Auckland on time and safely.










Our guarantee to you
For simply the best in scrap metal recycling contact the team at Avondale Scrap Metals Ltd! We pay the highest prices in cash for your unwanted items! Materials we recycle include aluminium, including cans, lead, brass, copper and all metal scraps. We offer a pick up service, with use of both our truck and crane, and cater for a range of customers including domestic, commercial and industrial. 










Fair payment

We are professional and reputable scrap metal recyclers. You can be sure you're always getting the best deal with Avondale Scrap Metals Ltd. We value your scrap metal by its weight and in line with industry standards. We are 100% N.Z Owned and operated and we supply many of N.Z founderies with your scrap materials to be recycled and turned into new products.


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