Want scrap valued? Call us now!



  • What are your operating hours?

    We are open from 7 am - 4:30 pm Monday to Friday and 7 am - 2 pm Saturday for Weighbridge operation and scrap deliveries.

  • What types of metal do you buy?

    We buy all metals, with the exception of Gas Tanks (closed vessels) and radio-active materials.

  • Do you accept Scrap Metal from the public?

    Yes, you can deliver anything made up of metal to us during our operating hours.

  • What identification do I need to bring along?

    We will need your current delivers licence or similar photo identification as is required by law.

  • Do you supply bins for Scrap Metal?

    Yes, we supply bins for industry and job sites, but not residential.

  • Do you pay cash?

    Yes, we pay you cash for all your scrap metal as soon as its sorted and weighed 





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